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About Us

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

  • New Heart can be defined as a Modern Evangelical church of Pentacostal heritage. This means that we are a Bible based church that relies on modern biblical scholarship for teaching within a Spirit-filled context.

    At NHCF we promote a faith in Christ that is to be lived-out, as well as thought-out. One of our basic tenents is that a church is not only a place to attend, but it is a place to 'belong'. Therefore, we value and place an emphasis on the development of friendship and community.

    New Heart is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere with casual dress, modern / comtemporary music and understandable messages from the Bible.

    To read our purpose statement and core beliefs, click on the link above.

  • How large is your congregation?

    Right now New Heart is a small and welcoming group of about 50 people on Sundays.

  • Will I fit in with your congregation?

    It depends. If you are sincere about seeking God and allowing him to transform your life then you will most likely fit.

    And if you believe that a church is to be a dynamic place of change and growth for people at every level of life's journey, then you will most likely fit in.

    But, if you believe that a church is a place for only perfect people; or that everyone in a church has it already figured out; or if you have no compassion for the lost and confused, then New Heart is not for you.

    At New Heart we have many families, couples, single members, youth, and children within the congregation. Our congregation is composed of both young and old from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

    All are welcome and invited to participate in our services.

  • Currently New Heart has one main Sunday worship service at 10:30 AM, and several small groups during the week.

    Click on the link above to view our Service Schedule.

  • Yes. New Heart Christian Fellowship is part of the "International Church of the Fourquare Gospel."

    Click on the link to visit their site.

  • Does New Heart believe in the present day Gifting of the Holy Spirit?

    Yes. We teach that all the Spiritual Gifts mentioned in Scripture are avaliable to the Believer today.

    At New Heart we teach and practice highlevel responsibility, discipline and nurturing for all gifts.

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