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There are a variety of ways to serve at New Heart. Some voluntary opportunities require little or no training, and can be joined immediately. Other opportunities come with requirements of attendance, membership, and training. See which position best fits your interests, talents and gifts.

  • Beautification Crews

    At times the church grounds and facilities need some t.l.c. and its the "Beautification Crews" that come out to clean, fix and beautify the place.

    For more information on helping on a Beautification Day contact: Pastor Rick DeLaTorre

  • Catering Crews

    During special events such as banquets and parties there is always the need for helpers in the areas of: decorating, set-up, food prep, food service, break down and clean-up.

    For more information on helping out please contact: Resa DeLaTorre

  • C.C.E. Teacher

    The Children's Christian Education department is always looking for good teachers to work with our church's children on Sundays. Positions exist with all elementary age groups.

    Qualifications include a basic working knowledge of the Bible, basic teaching skills with children, and a minimum age of 18.

    These positions also require 6 months formal church membership and mandatory fingerprinting with a security background check.

    For more information or an application please contact: Resa DeLaTorre

  • Greeter

    The greeter is a church's first point of contact. Their responsibilities are simple yet vitally important.

    Duties include the welcoming of guests, and distribution of the printed bulletin.

    Qualities of a greeter would include a nice warm smile and a hospitable / outgoing personality.

    3 months of consistent attendance is desirable.

    For more information or an application please contact: Resa DeLaTorre

  • Music Ministry

    The Music Ministry exists in two parts:

    Special Music- is the presentation of vocal and instrumental songs during our Sunday service. To present a song one must have approval from the Director of Music Ministry, which would involve the preview of the presentation.

    The Worship Team- is the group of qualified vocalists and musicians responsible for leading the congregation in worship music. For consideration for this team, one must demonstrate the necessary skills required, either vocal or instrumental. Additional requirements include an interview, audition and willingness to comply with all ministry policies.

    For additional information or application please contact: Mike Whitfield

  • Nursery Attendant

    Nursery attendant is a position for individuals that are gifted and drawn to give care and nurturing to our infants and toddlers.

    Qualified persons would posses the appropriate care giving skills and patience necessary for this age group.

    This position requires a minimum age of 18 years, 6 months formal church membership, and mandatory fingerprinting with a background security check.

    For more information contact: Eileen Whitfield

  • P.E.R.K.

    P.E.R.K. stands for "People Experiencing Real Koinonia." Koinonia is the Bible word that means Christ-centered fellowship, and P.E.R.K is the service group responsible for providing food and refreshments on Sundays, and at many other fellowship events.

    For more information on joining the P.E.R.K. crew please contact: Resa DeLaTorre

  • Usher

    Ushers have the responsibility of service and facility monitoring during church meetings.

    Usher qualities would include friendliness, tact, good interpersonal skills / communication, and the ability to handle possible confrontation.

    Additional qualifications include 6 months formal church membership.

    For more information or an application please contact: Pastor Rick DeLaTorre

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